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Egg Sandwich

Egg Sandwich

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The Egg Sandwich is a perfect all around board that works well in almost all conditions and at almost any size of board. 

It was designed with Shaping Student Lucas Gibbons as his first self shape. We compared various midlength and Egg style boards, entered one into a software program, customized it, and then shaped it into reality. The final result is a dream, so we kept it in our quiver of shapes after making a few of our own alterations.

Typically this board has full soft 60/40 rails that blend into hard rails in the nose and tail, and on our soft corker models, this board will often have harder edge through for that soft top feel.

The bottom of the board is perfectly flat with a little vee in the nose and tail to help with turning.

While the outline comes with a standard pointed pin tail and nose, we recommend rounding out both for surf who want a little more hold and responsiveness.

We also recommend a 2+1 fin set up. But any fin set up will work on this well board as it's very versatile.

This board is perfectly simple and perfectly fun for all surfers. A necessary summer board, and a go-to back up for every session.

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