About Us

TPB's M.V.P.

Mission, Vision, and Principles

MISSION: ​What do we do?

Empower youth and communties through the power
of the Gospel and shaping surfboards

VISION: ​What do we want to see?

Youth transformed and
empowered to transform others

PRINCIPLES: What keeps us grounded?

God Matters:

​We believe that God is the maker and shaper of the world, and of everything in it. He loves each person, and wants to have a loving, honest, and full relationship with us all. This inspires us to do the same.

People Matter: 

We believe everyone is valuable no matter what; and that people who know they matter feel more empowered to be themselves and empower others. We help people to know they matter.

Locals Matter: 

We believe that locals hold the key to local transformation. We build relationships with locals, respect local cultures, and beliefs, and partner with locals to transform the world. We honour indigenous peoples as the truest locals.

Surfboards Matter: 

 We believe that people, just like surfboards, are made with purpose . We believe that surfing and surfboards can connect youth with something deeper, and that the lessons learned in shaping and surfing a board can transform a life forever.



We offer relational mentorship to youth that help them transform their communities


We work with locals to offer transformational youth and community activities.


We offer various shaping lessons and programs that make a difference for youth and communties.

Surf Shops

We partner with TPB Surf Co., to help transform youth and communities through social enterprise.



Build a Board Sponsorship

We partner with people like you to make boards for groms who need one! We look for the youth in our communities who would benefit most from a free board, and YOUR donation makes that happen! If you want, you can even help us design, and build the board! Got a Grom you want to sponsor? We can do that! Just let us know! We also use donations

Busted Board Sponsorship

Wanna sponsor a grom, but don't have the cash? Give us your old board, we'll fix it up, sell it, donate it, or use it to help a grom get out in the water! You can still help with design, repair, and building! We can also refurbish old boards to make them new for a grom!

Grom Sponsorship

Groms can apply, or be nominated to get sponsored by TPB. Sponsored Groms can get stickers, merch, mentorship, gear, coaching, free boards, and more! You can sponsor a Grom by covering or helping to cover these costs!


Kook Camp

We're all kooks here! Kook Camps are awesome camps where we teach youth to make their own board, surf, have a tonne of fun doing rad activities, and talk story (get real) together.
Kook Camp's teach youth one part of the surfboard building process each day, combined with one spiritual life lesson. For example: on day one youth learn to design and plan out their own board. They also learn that they they are designed by God and he has a plan for them!

Personal Mentorship

We offer relationship-based mentorship where our mentors meet up with groms (youth) to surf, hang out, talk story, and usually have a pretty good time! Mentors walk alongside youth becoming ohana-family to eachother.

The Shaping Bay

The Shaping Bay is discipleship opportunities for youth who hold a faith in Jesus. We combine our love for surfing, and shaping surfboards with our love for Jesus, joining and guiding youth on their journey with Christ.


Local Outreach

Our outreach encompasses a broad range of activity from working with schools and community organizations, to intentionally reaching out to youth in everyday life. It is designed to fill the gaps of the rest of our programs, and can include volunteering with other organizations, or holding events like Surf Days, or fundraisers, etc.

International Outreach

Some of our outreach also involves working with foreign locals in their communities. We partner with locals in countries we are not based in order to offer support, programs, and more. We offer long term relationships with regular short term operations. Our intent in this is typically to support locals who want to start their own TPB location in their community. While we typically avoid short-term outreach (or mission trips), we will work with locals who are seeking such partnerships.
Want to join in making this all happen?
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