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Custom Surfboard

Custom Surfboard

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Shaping Boards Shaping Lives

Profit from every board is used to help Shape Lives through our youth development and outreach work!

Eco-Friendly Surfboards

Our boards are Ecoboard certified by Sustainable Surf, meaning they are made from safer materials than typical surfboards, and profit from our boards sales supports environmental initiatives.

We can make our boards from

Upcycled and Recycled EPS

Up to 30% plant-based Bio-Resins

Cork, and Natural Material

Surfboard Info and Pricing

All of our surfboards our typically 100% hand-shaped and Ecoboard certified
However, but we also make traditional PU/PE board and will CNC when requested, or necessary as well.

Costs start at $525 USD + $100 per board foot over 4 feet. 
Example 1: 4'10 Basic Grom Short Board= $525
Example 2: 6'2 Basic Short Board= $725
Example 3: 9'2 Basic Long Board= $1025
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After you Order

You'll receive and invoice, and we'll contact you to confirm your order and board preferences, and chat you through the process. 


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