Shipping Poilcy

Surf Products

Shipping prices will be automatically calculated for you at check out. These rates are fixed and cannot be changed. If you find a discrepancy within or have a problem with our rates, please let us know.

Our Surf Products (Soft Boards, Leashes, Resins, Etc.) typically go out with USPS within 2 days of your order with Standard Shipping taking on typically between 3-18 business days to arrive depending on your location.

Surf Products are shipped per box. We fit as much as we can safely in one box for you, but may need to use multiple boxes for your order. These boxes may be separated during the shipping process by the couriers, and may not arrive together.

Surf boards need to be shipped specially with pricing based on size, and are more expensive. Surfboards can often be shipped in multiples for the same price as one (shipping for 1 board costs 150 USD, shipping for 4 boards MAY cost 150 USD). Please inquire if you have any questions. Our rates are set by couriers.



Your shipping price is fixed and will be automatically calculated at check out.

Your're apparel order takes between 1-5 days to produce and go to shipping.

We use standard shipping with a typical delivery time of 3-18 business days depending on location.

From the time you make  your purchase to the time you receive your product is typically between 5-22 business days, with an average of 5-10 business days.

Our apparrel is made-to-order meaning, if you order multiple products, they may not be finished at the same time, and thus depending on your order, items may not be shipped together. Some items can not be packaged together, and may be separately shipped to you.



COVID-19 Update

We are thankful for your support during COVID-19, and look forward to continuing to offer your services and products that shape lives!

Due to the affects of COVID-19 we, along with businesses around the world, are experiencing extreme delays in fulfillment and delivery times.

We produce all of our Original Products with partner companies after you order it to minimize waste. This process has been slowed due to COVID-19, social distancing, and cutbacks.

We are also experience slowed shipping due to the same affects listed above as well the affects of COVID-19 on courier services. We are so thankful for your patience as your order arrives.

Typically your order will arrive in 5-10 business days, depending on your location. However during this time, please expect your order to arrive within 10-30 days. If your order is not received within 30 business days, please contact us.

We are so sorry for this delay, and are so thankful for your support!

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