About Us


What do we do?

Empower youth and communities through the power of the Gospel and shaping surfboards


What do we want to see happen because of our mission?

Youth and communities transformed and empowered to transform others


What keeps us grounded?

Loving God:​

We believe that God is the master shaper of everything. He loves his creations, and wants to have a loving, honest, and full relationship with all people. God's love for us enables us to love him and to love people.

Valuing People: 

We believe everyone is valuable no matter what; and that people who know they are valued are more empowered and able to empower others.

Respecting Locals: 

We believe that local/indigenous people hold the key to local transformation. Too often locals are overlooked. We build relationships with locals, respect local cultures, and beliefs, and partner with locals to empower local youth and communities.

Shaping Surfboards:  

We believe that shaping surfboards can connect people with something deeper, and that the lessons learned in shaping and surfing a board can transform a life forever.